Baraggia di Candelo

African bush? A lion could jump off some weeds? No at all, we are in the Baraggia of Candelo….

Our first proposal is an easy excursion of about 16 Km and  a climb of 220 metres rising. This excursion is for everyone. The start is at the Municipality of Candelo, in the central square in front of the Ricetto of Candelo.

Each day of the week we leave at about 2pm, with or without a guide. The cost for a guide is 95 Euros, for a maximum of 8 people.

If you haven’t got a bike, you can rent one of ours and if you are not trained, there is the possibility to rent an E-Bike (a bike with electric engine).

After a good bike ride together, we can recharge at Tenuta La Mandria, where it will be possible to enjoy a tasty merenda snoira (lunch and dinner prices from 17 to 25 Euros).


For anyone interested, it is possible to stay overnight at Tenuta La Mandria, that has got 6 rooms available, double bed, 3 beds and 4 beds (B&B from 31 to 43 Euros per person).

Total distance: 16771 m
Download file: BARAGGIA DA CANDELO.gpx